Verdins of Darnhall & Garnstone

The Verdins of Stoke Hall & Darnhall Hall, Cheshire, and Garnstone Castle, Herefordshire

Descended from one of the Irish de Verdons,

who returned to England in the 1700s.

The Verdin family are descended from Milo de Verdon of Clonmore in Co. Louth, son of Theobald II de Verdon. Milo's son James de Verdon, who died before 1st September 1384, married Isabella Gaydoun (or Gayton), whose second husband was Thomas Talbot. James and Isabella had, with other children, a son also called James, whose son John Verdon, said to have been born c.1415 and who lived at Painstone, Clonmore, married Eleanor ___. Their son Christopher Verdon married Catherine Dowdall, and they had a son called James Verdon who died sometime after 1528. His son was Edward Verdon, who died in 1554. Edward's son Christopher Verdon married Catherine Talbot and is said to have died before his father, in 1551. Christopher and Catherine's son Patrick Verdon married Joan Bellew and they had two sons - Christopher and John. Christopher married Mary Barnwell, became a Member of Parliament and died in 1625 leaving a son and heir John Verdon who was born in 1603 and died in 1659. John married twice; his first wife was Ann Dillon, with whom he had a son Theobald Verdon of Clonmore, a Royalist who on 11th December 1661 petitioned for the restoration of his lands after losing them during the Civil War. Theobald married Alice Dillon (perhaps a relation?) and they had a son John FitzHerbert Verdon. Theobald's father's second wife was Amy Segrave who bore him at least three children, two girls Margaret and Eleanor, and a son Nicholas Verdon. Nicholas had at least four children - John, Eleanor, Elizabeth and James Verdon who married Mary Plunkett c.1700. He and Mary had a son called Michael Verdon of Dundalk, born in 1711, who married Mary Callan and died in 1735.

Michael and Mary had a son called Theobald Verdon, named after his illustrious forebears. He married Mary Broome on 31st December 1764 at St. Nicholas's Church, Liverpool.

Theobald and Mary had an only son called John 'Verdin', born on 21st January and was christened on 30th January 1766 at Witton near Northwich, Cheshire. John is the ancestor of the Verdins of Northwich, Stoke Hall and Darnhall Hall in Cheshire and Garnstone Castle in Herefordshire. The family flourished and one of them was made a Baronet.

ABOVE: the coat of arms of Sir Richard Bertram Verdin of Stoke Hall & Darnhall Hall, Cheshire and Garnstone Castle, Herefordshire. The arms include a lion 'argent' (silver) against a black ('sable') background, a design which echoes the lion of the de Verdons of Norfolk. However, the Verdins descend from the de Verdons of Ireland, who would have displayed 'or, fretty gules', the Alton family's arms.